Fall in Love With Food This Autumn

Fall has finally arrived (happy dance) and as the leaves start to fall so does our desire for fresh raw fruits and veggies, making way for hearty soups, thick veggie stews and warming beverages. There is nothing better than a creamy hot chocolate on a rainy day or a big bowl of soup to warm the soul. How do we apply this to eating healthy and getting all the nutrients we need?

Here are a few easy guidelines we like to follow through the winter months to keep us satiated and satisfied.

Don't Forget Raw
Firstly ....don't forget raw. We love the idea of cooking with an abundance of root vegetables that are really grounding and great for your base chakra. However, raw fruits and vegetables make way for such an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are essential for gut health which in turn builds our immunity, essential for the winter cold and flu season. Simply fit in a few meal sized raw salads in a week with a good variety of veggies or make sure you stick to a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie or juice each morning.

Healthy Can Do Better!
Secondly.... whatever you can do, Healthy can do better! If you fancy a hot chocolate... no problem. Raw cacao is abundant in antioxidants and is great for your body as well as your mind. Mix up a hot chocolate by adding raw cacao, date syrup and a dairy free milk to a pan (and some maca for a caramel like flavour) Equally we are now in the era of alternative hot drinks (tea and coffee are so last year!) so why not give a go to making a turmeric or beetroot latte. Perfectly seasonal and perfectly delicious!

Variety And Balance Is Key

Lastly... variety and balance is key. The wider range of fruits and veggies not forgetting legumes and grains you can add to your diet throughout the week, the more chance you have of getting a little of everything that you need. Quinoa is a favourite of ours - a naturally gluten free ancient grain that is packed with protein that you can make into a sweet or savoury meal. Genius! You can add this to a large bowl of veggies and have a Buddha style bowl or even add to soups to give them some more substance. You can also whip some up in the morning with your favourite dairy free milk, a dollop of almond butter and a handful of berries to keep you fueled for the day.

Beans and lentils are winners for curries and stews. You could lovingly make your family a garlic lentil Dahl (garlic is a natural antibiotic so great for anything that may be lurking in your body and waiting to come about when you least expect it) or try to re-create Chia's most popular dish, the organic nachos with bean chili. Don’t forget the toppings of fresh guacamole and a creamy cashew cream sauce. 


With love & light
Wedoyoga & The Chia team

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