Danielle Dulley


Danielle (Dani) is a local yoga teacher from Letchworth Garden City with a passion for mindfulness and movement. She loves teaching classes that incorporate a flowing range of movement throughout the entire body, whilst also engaging the mind to focus on the core values of Yoga.

Danielle Dulley Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA


Danielle has a passion for health and wellbeing and enjoys learning about mindfulness and spirituality. She is a lover of astrology and her Gemini roots really shine through in her personality. 

Danielle has been practicing Yoga for over 6 years and loves the way it has transformed her way of thinking and being; this ultimately made her want to learn how to share this experience with others and thus she qualified as a yoga teacher in the beginning of 2021.

Danielle loves getting to know herself as being in tune with the changes that take place in her mind and body as she evolves and grows through her own practice. She values building meaningful connections with the people around her making her a friendly and approachable teacher. 


Danielle’s teaching style is fun, relaxed and free-flowing. She likes to emphasise the importance of remembering that all of our bodies are different, even day-to-day, and tries to encourage patience with yourself in each class. What Danielle loves most about yoga is giving yourself the chance to be in the moment and be fully present with the now. She enjoys teaching classes with a theme, purpose or intention and engaging the mind just as much as the body. Yoga isn’t a work-out but rather a work-in and inner peace and gratitude is at the heart of her teaching.

Danielle’s favourite Yogi quote is: “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

Qualifications: RYT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training



  • Danielle loves all animals, dogs in particular, and has a Pomchi called Poppy.
  • Her favourite time of year is summer and she dreams of moving somewhere with a warm climate.
  • Her first word was Window.
  • If you’re an astrology lover like she is is - Danielle is a Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon and Leo Rising.

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