Celebrate the year of the dragon with these workouts: embrace your inner strength, vitality, and prosperity

As the Chinese New Year approaches, there's no better time to invigorate your inner power of the dragon. The dragon symbolises strength, vitality, and prosperity. These qualities bleed seamlessly into our own fitness journeys. These exercises will empower your hidden dragon, igniting your positive spirit for the year ahead.

Dragon Breath Yoga Poses

What better way to emulate the grace and adaptability of a dragon than through yoga. More commonly known amongst yogis as 'Anjaneyasana', the dragon pose not only strengthens your legs but it opens your heart. 'Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana', a.k.a dragon tail pose, brings out your inner fire through core activation and length through your hamstrings. Use these poses to embrace your flexibility, balance, and inner dragon flame.

Dragon Squats for Lower Body Strength

Not for the faint of heart, more than just your internal dragon will be ignited. Dragon squats are a dynamic move burning your lower body muscles whilst challeneging your delicate balance. To perform Dragon Squats take a wide stance and lowering into a deep squat position, keeping your chest lifted and knees aligned with your toes. For advancements, cross one leg under the other into either a dragon pistol squat, balancing on one leg and extending your bottom leg. Or work your way towards your dragon power and start in standing and simply grab the opposit leg to that you are standing on, add a squat for a mini challenge. Upon rising, reveal your dragon energy, propel yourself upwards with power and intention. Incorporate variations such as Jumping Dragon Squats, lifting your heart rate to burn your chest like the deep fires of a dragon

Flying Dragon Lunges for Balance and Agility

A dragon cannot fly with imbalances, the art of agility and balance is integral to a dragon. Mimic this art with Flying Dragon Lunges, a dynamic exercise that is inspired by the fluidity of a dragon in flight. Start in a lunge position with your right foot forward, then push off the ground, switching legs mid-air to land in a lunge position with your left foot forward. Explosion is key to this movement, you must also have faith and confidence in your ability, going into this move half confident will not provide the power you possess. If the switching of legs is 'too much dragon' for you, simply practise a more similar pose to warrior III, focusing on balance and serenity. Keep your movements fluid and controlled, engaging your core muscles to maintain stability. Flying Dragon Lunges are an excellent way to improve coordination, agility, and overall athleticism.

Dragon Boat Rowing for Upper Body Strength

Lunges completed, we need to give the upper body the same strength and love that we just performed. Bring the flow of water to your dragon with Dragon Boat Rowing. This is a full-body workout focusing on upper body strength and endurance. Engage your back, arms, and core as you propel your dragon boat forward, collect the power of the dragon to conquer the waves. Twist like a russian twist, only the upper body will move, keep your core stable, with either elevated or softly placed feet. The waves are unpredictable but your strength can be consistent. Progress by extend your arms as you twist. Dragon Boat Rowing can also be performed on water in a boat, grab a friend and gliding with your fellow dragons. 

Dragon Dance Cardio

We all know dragons have energy to spare, they need energy and endurance to keep at flight. There are many high-energy cardio routines inspired by the traditional dragon dance. Whether you follow an actual video workout or create your own, incorporate the dynamic movements of the dragon's dance through leaps twists, kicks and agile movements. Let the rhythm of the music guide you like the beat of a dragons wings, enjoy this form of exercise, sweat, smile and most importantly celebrate your movement. No matter what kind of dragon you may or may not look like! Dragon Dance Cardio is a fun and exhilarating way to torch calories, improve cardiovascular health, and unleash your inner fire.

dragon invigorate

The road to releasing your inner dragon is full of spirit, embracing all the symolism a dragon stands for. Build your unilateral strength, slow your mind and flow, prosper in cardio, or even glide through the water, let the energy of the dragon propel you forward on your path to health and wellness. May this Chinese New Year bring you joy in abundence, fierce determination, and a deeper connection to your fitness journey beyond the superficial. 

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