4 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Yoga Class

Hot Yoga Studio in Hertfordshire, Letchworth, Hitchin.Hot yoga used to terrify me. I’d be getting my shoes back on, maybe indulging in a post-gentle yoga juice, feeling mellow, when a class of glistening, panting attendees would stagger out of a room heated up to 38 degrees. They’d be dripping in sweat - not a couple of dark patches, but a clothes-entirely-drenched kind of sweat. 

I’d wonder why on earth they’d elected to join something so intense over a beautiful, tranquil, gentle yoga class. 

Of course, curiousity got the better of me and hot yoga is now a firm favourite. Here’s a preview as to how I went from sceptic to convert, and how you can enjoy your first yoga class to the fullest.

First Of All - What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot and warm yoga at WEDOYOGA means practising in a gently heated room. We use FAR infrared heating to create a heat that feels similar to the sensation of warmth of the sun - without the UV! Our heated classes range from 24-28 for warm classes and 28-32 for hot classes.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Yoga?

Working out in a hot yoga class will mean you can access postures more readily because your muscles are warm. It can also reduce joint pain and relieve the pain of minor injuries and ailments. It also gets pretty sweaty, which is great! Sweat is the body’s natural way of flushing out toxins. 

As well as that beautiful temporary ‘sparkle’ you’ll genuinely glow - our infrared heaters improve skin appearance AND strengthen the immune system.

Is Hot Yoga Hygienic?

Yes! The infrared heat in our studio heats the people and objects in the room, not the air! Furthermore, our FAR-infrared heating system is cleaner and greener than traditional forms of heat. It doesn’t blow out dust or allergens, doesn’t create noise, and doesn’t require filters, ducts, or pumps that need regular cleaning.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of Class?

Read on, friend.

1. Be Prepared For A Full-Body Workout

You are going to work. All that heat is going to get your heart going, even when you’re holding seemingly innocuous poses. Your peripheral blood vessels will dilate and your heart will pump hard to cool the body and all of the sudden, warrior II is a challenge. If that sounds awful, just remember that those endorphins will run rampant and you will be buzzing from the high.

2. Let The Mind Chatter Die Down For A While

There is something heavenly about following instruction in a yoga class that gets you fully out of your head and into your body. This is multiplied when the heat makes you hyper aware of every motion, muscle, and bead of sweat. Finally that monkey mind can chill, allowing you to just be here…

3. Embrace Meditative Movement

And now you’ve given yourself over to the instruction of your fabulous instructor, the yoga asanas and the transitions between them become a meditation in themselves. This is exceptionally beneficial if you suffer from ‘busy brain’ (don’t we all?). Sometimes it takes quite an intense experience to shut down those repetitive thoughts and just be.

4. Know That You’ll Be An Addict

Once you tumble out of that first class, sweating, glistening, sparkling with sweat, you’ll never look back. You’ll have worked and stretched in an intensely satisfying way, you’ll be riding an endorphin high, and you’ll be bouncing off of the insane energy of the instructor and the rest of the class. You’ll have experienced a real sense of community and you’ll be feeling great. Now, when’s the next hot class..?

By: Kirsti Pateman
Kirsti is a yogi, mama, bookworm and writer.
Instagram @breathe_betweenthelines

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