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Clarity Roller Body Oil

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A sweet and purifying blend of six essential oils, Clarity has been mindfully created to support and enhance your meditation and yoga practice, as well as provide support when studying, reading or working to keep a calm and focused presence.

The combination of these beautiful oils helps facilitate more easeful and calmer breathing, anchors your attention into your body and brings feelings of contentment and presence with what is.


Frankincense - the holy oil, slows & deepens the breath, soothing & uplifting for the mind, calming & peaceful for emotions, helpful if dwelling on past events

Bergamot - balancing for nervous system, refreshing, uplifting, rejuvenating, calming for emotions, used widely in perfumery

Patchouli - grounding, uplifting, enhances mood, used widely in perfumery

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata) - camphoraceous, airy and cleansing

Eucalyptus opens your airways to create a sense of expansion and ease in your breathing and has powerful healing effect on the physical and emotional bodies.

Sweet Orange - calming, relaxing & regenerating, warming, balances mood & harmonises feelings

Vanilla - uplifting for mood, harmonising for emotions

 Blended with Sweet Almond Oil - rejuvenating plant oil high in Vitamins A & E to help relieve dry skin



Roll oil across your pulse points throughout the day when needed.

Anoint your wrists, temples, behind the ears, between the collarbones, Roll oil onto your hands, rub them to create warmth and then enjoy this Clear Focus Breath Practice to bring you into calm presence and a clearer state of mind.

Roll oil onto your hands and indulge in a self-massage (or get someone to do it for you!)


Therapeutic grade essential oils are used and organic where possible

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