Yoga For Cancer Classes

FREE Yoga For Cancer

1 Thursday A Month 11:00 - 12PM  - Studio + Online with Su Chanprasong

This Yoga For Cancer class is free to anyone diagnosed with cancer at any stage of recovery. If you had surgery, it is recommended that you can attend after 6 weeks of surgery. Caretakers are allowed to join the class.

Upcoming Yoga For Cancer classes:
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What is Yoga For Cancer class?

It is a specialist class designed to help alleviate the immediate and long-term effects of cancer and its treatment. This class is aim to help increase strength, flexibility with the range of motion as well as improve balance and mobility.
A safe environment where you can feel comfortable to take off their wig and feel supported on your mat. Modifications are given to cope with your cording or peripheral neuropathy. This class is designed to help anyone who experiences hot flushes, foggy brain, fatigue, insomnia, or if you are experiencing troubles with laying on your tummy or sides because of surgery or radiation. You will move on your mat with postures that bring circulation and lubrication to those areas to help balance the nervous system.

There have been proven therapeutic benefits in Yoga for cancer. It can reduce anxiety and stress, lessen fatigue which helps improve sleep and quality of life. This class will offer you empowering tools to help with anxiety and fears. Breathing and mindfulness toolbox will be given to students who can learn to manage stress and anxiety while on their mat and to takeaway to help them cope with their day-to-day lives.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (2014) looked at Yoga’s impact on inflammation, mood, and fatigue in breast cancer survivors: shows that people who practiced yoga twice weekly for 12 weeks have shown reported less fatigue, more vitality, and decreased inflammation.

Radiation, chemotherapy, and medication can decrease muscle and bone strength which can lead to an increased risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Including weight-bearing poses, has been shown to strengthen the bone and increase spinal flexion. A study in Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation (2016) titled “12 min daily yoga reverses osteoporotic bone loss” found increased bone mineral density in the spine, hips, and femur of moderately and fully compliant participants. Several students who had osteoporosis improved enough to be reclassified to osteopenia.
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