Storm Moon Extended Flow

Friday 18th March  2022 7:30 - 9PM - £20

Celebrate the full moon-  This extended Full Moon Flow will help you feel empowered, cleansed and more importantly, confident to face what’s coming around the corner after this full moon!
Move your body with Freddie as she leads you through YANG and YIN in this “Super Pink” Full Moon Flow. Expect to ‘root’ into a true sense of yourself and move forwards from there. You will be taken through ‘Ardha Chandrasana’ (half-moon) to challenge physical balance, and work with mental balance in the energy system through pranayama techniques such as ‘Nadi Shodhana’. Starting with a Vinyasa flow for the first half of this workshop, Freddie will work you up to a peak pose.
We will invigorate the body with YANG! Followed by this will be the YIN to the YANG…a move restorative, a slower-paced practice which will lead to meditation and journaling to close. We put our focus and attention on what you want to create for yourself and watch it begin to flow to you.
*No previous yoga experience is needed – just bring yourself! Yoga mats and props will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement.

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