Self-Care Sundays Series

Your self care routine deserves its own workshop. It's time to upgrade your self-love! The best part? You can join us every month! No excuses now, we've made the time, done the prep, now all you have to do is show up for some much-needed you time! 

Self-Care Sundays Series

We will start with a 90-minute Yin yoga sequence to help you to open your heart and release. It’s about letting go of all the emotions, fears and judgments you have buried deep inside yourself, and connecting to what’s really true, and useful to you. When we peel everything away, what are we left with is our true essence – love! We will finish with a 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra, to help enforce your newfound calm. So roll out your mat and get ready for some serious self-care! Escape with Aminta in this Self Care Yin + Nidra workshop!

*No previous yoga experience is needed – just bring yourself! Yoga mats and props will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement.

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Yin + Meditation Sunday 24th April
2:30 - 4:30PM - Spring Renewal