Our Studio Courses

6-Week Beginner Yoga Course
This 6-week introduction is open to brand new beginners as well as those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of yoga. Throughout the 6 weeks you will learn the basics of Yoga, pranayama (breath), asanas (postures), alignment for safety and meditation techniques.


The aims of this course are to:

  • Show the importance of the breath and connecting breath to movement.
  • Break postures down so that you will be able to feel strong and confident in the postures.
  • Show how to use Yoga as a tool to support anxiety and stress, and as a way to bring relaxation into busy working days.
  • Help develop an awareness of posture in everyday life.

This course will run from Saturday 26th September until 31st October 2020 From: 10:45am  - 12:00pm