Introduction To Yoga

This introduction to yoga  is open to the most novice yogis out there! It’s all about getting to know and making friends with your body and your brand new practice. Join Aminta Gagnon for this 75 min introduction where you will learn all of the essentials needed to firmly lay the foundations for the start of your yoga journey.

You will learn the key starting postures, and the correct techniques for the execution of each pose, along with their benefits to ensure you will get the most out of your practice. You will also learn to develop a physical awareness of the body, the mind, and the space around you, which will soon become a second nature. It’s a safe, fun space to learn, laugh and make mistakes, to get you ready for regular classes!

As well ensuring you feel stable in new poses, you will also learn all about how the breath can be used to enhance your practice, and be used as a simple form of mediation. This introduction will offer a more relaxed approach, allowing you to ask questions throughout and receive 1-1 assistance!

*No previous yoga experience is needed – just bring yourself! Yoga mats and props will be provided. 
Please wear comfortable clothes suitable for movement.

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Sunday 8th May 2022 11 - 12:15PM £15