Seed Moon Extended Flow

Friday 15th April 2022 7:30 - 9PM - £20

The Seed Moon has its name from the ever-changing lunar cycle, it is the time when March thunderstorms begin to subside and mid- April arrives, the time when the wind picks up the seeds and carries them on its breeze, spreading new life all around us.

Su will be guiding you through a flourishing vinyasa flow. Combining the elements of water and air, this flow will help you release your Dream seeds and intentions from the stagnation of the winter months, invoking gratitude and love and spreading joy for the coming season and next chapter of your life. Like the seeds, your dreams will be carried into the world and allowed space to grow. 

We begin with a short meditation and journaling about your personal thoughts and dreams. Think of this full moon as a time to refine your goals as blocked energy begins to move freely.

This meditative manifestation flow with Su will have you re-evaluate and try a new playful approach to your asanas and breathwork. Your yoga practice will be infused with your intention, love, and joy as your nurture your dream seeds, recognising the endless potential found in a tiny seed.

You will be leaving full of positive energy, that flows in an impactful way. Allow your energy to expand and give you the power to take the steps you’ve been planning to take. Be confident in your decisions as you move forward and begin planting the seeds you’ve been planning all winter long.

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