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Bringing Fun & Function to Activewear - Meet KDeer

When Kristine Deer took her first hot yoga class, she fell in love. However, she soon realised her old soccer shorts weren't built to cope with the constant sweat, wear, and washing of a 6 day/week practice. She dreamed of the ultimate hot yoga shorts that could, and then tasked herself with designing them. The Bum Bum was born! Soon fellow students and teachers were queuing up to get their own pair, and so a recently unemployed Kristine took a leap of faith and founded K-DEER, beginning the journey of creating and sharing what she loved.

In 2010, Kristine completed her 200hr teacher training with Jimmy Barkan in south Florida and began teaching in her local hot yoga studio. She would receive orders daily, hand-cut and sew each short and ship them out to customers around the world.

As a well-practiced yoga student and teacher, Kristine knew the values and ethics of yoga. She founded K-DEER with these in mind and designed each pair of shorts and leggings in accordance as best she could. With a fashion design degree from Syracuse University, she stepped into the journey of running a business with her heart, and that passion continues to shine through to this day.