Mona Thomas


Mona is a local yoga teacher who enjoys teaching Hatha, Ashtanga Inspired and Vinyasa Flow classes.

Mona Thomas Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA Studio


Mona was born in Assam in north east India. She moved to the UK in the year 2000 and has lived here since then except for a five year stint in the Middle East. Assam is famous for tea and even now Mona’s day starts with a cup of this strong and flavourful tea. Mona lives in Hitchin in Hertfordshire with her husband and two sons.

Mona worked in hospitality and customer service in India and the UK. She took a break from her career to bring up her sons. When she returned to the UK from the Middle East in 2017, she was looking for a career which would be fulfilling to her and balance out with her family responsibilities. Yoga was perfect because through the changes in her life yoga has been her constant companion and she wanted to share its benefits with other people. In 2018 she acquired her 200 hours yoga teaching diploma from CAMYOGA in Cambridge and in 2019 she acquired her 50 hours advanced yoga teacher certificate from Wholeself Yoga, UK. For this she trained with acclaimed yoga teachers Ambra Vallo and Julie Montagu.


Mona teaches Hatha, Ashtanga Inspired and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Mona approaches the practice of the physical poses of yoga as a means to achieving the ultimate aim of yoga: stillness and peace of mind. In her classes she tries to create a welcoming and peaceful environment where everyone can practice at their own level with the option to modify poses and take rests when needed. The focus is on connecting with the breath and synchronising breath with physical movement to create a moving meditation. Some aspects of her class maybe challenging but this is offered as an opportunity for self discovery.

Qualifications: RYT 200 hrs certified yoga instructor; 50 hrs advanced yoga teacher training
First Aid - MGM Training Limited


  • Mona grew up in India and as as an adult has lived in the UK, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Mona can put one foot in her mouth while balancing on one leg
  • Mona can speak 3 languages fluently (English, Assamese, Hindi) and has working ability in 2 languages (Bengali and Italian)
  • Mona is a fan of Roman history and loves to read books and visit sites on Roman history
  • Mona loves pan Asian food and once ate 30 dumplings in one sitting


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