Aminta Gagnon


Aminta is a local yoga teacher in Letchworth, who enjoys teaching fun, powerful classes along with themed yoga classes!  She also offers private yoga lessons and corporate yoga classes in our studio!

Practice Yoga with Aminta Gagnon. Yoga In Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock


Aminta moved to the UK over 10 years ago from the USA to study Graphic Design at London College of Communications. Aminta has always had a passion for art and graphic design, she still shares this strong passion for design and creative work in her digital marketing career. 

Yoga has been a part of Aminta's life for over 7 years. She came to the mat, like a lot of people, because of an injury. Prior to beginning yoga, a passion of hers was and still is running. Aminta has loved running since her early teenage years and have competed in various races such as: 10ks, tough mudder,half marathons, marathons, 3 peak challenge in Yorkshire and half marathon up Snowdon. A few years ago, she injured her knee during a race and was advised to start yoga for flexibility and strength improvement. Her yoga practice has not only helped her continue her passion for running injury free, it has also helped her grow more flexible, stronger and fearless, both on and off the mat. 


Aminta’s fun, playful, American spirit is shown in her teaching style, so get ready to move the body and have a few giggles along the way! 

Aminta completed her RYT 350hr Yoga teacher training at Yoga London in 2016 and she is honoured to be able to teach her students how to find peace within themselves and muscles where they didn’t know they had them! What she enjoys most about yoga is that there is no “end” or perfect pose. The students who can do a headstand has just as much to learn as the student who can’t touch their toes, which is why Aminta tries to bring an attitude of self-discovery, challenge, fun and consciousness to every class. 

Aminta's classes provide more significance to mobility in the body rather than flexibility. Each week Aminta will create a new sequence with a particular theme in the body to work in an area of the body, emotional experience, and work through muscles or even to help inspire, so come prepare to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, strength and flexibility. Aminta offers variations to each asana (pose) in every sequence, if you are ever uncertain feel free to ask Aminta any questions you feel during your practice!  Aminta likes to remind every student that no one is on the same path or has the same body so explore how a pose makes you feel and choose the options that is best for you but don’t worry there will be plenty of options to challenge everyone! 

Qualifications:  RYT 200hr Certified Yoga instructor, 50hr Forrest Training, 50hr Yin Teacher Training + 50hr Aerial Yoga Teaching Training
First Aid - St. John's Ambulance


  • Aminta was born in Texas but grew up in Iowa ( farming state in the midwest of America)
  • She once served Prince Philip at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show
  • Aminta founded Colour Yoga™ in 2018
  • She graduated University with a 1st in Graphic Design and did her Post-Grad in Data-Driven Marketing aka she loves an excel sheet!
  • She has dog name Dave
  • She was featured on the BBC for Beer Yoga & Colour Yoga™
  • She loves yorkshire puddings
  • She has ran 3 marathons, 10 half marathons and one time attempted to run up Snowdonia (haha)



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