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Get ready to flow with Aminta, your local yoga teacher in Letchworth! With her fun and powerful classes, you'll not only feel the burn but also have a blast. Aminta also offers private yoga lessons and corporate yoga classes in her studio. Plus, she loves to mix things up with themed yoga classes, so come prepared to explore new poses and themes with her!

Practice Yoga with Aminta Gagnon. Yoga In Letchworth, Hitchin & Baldock


Meet Aminta, a vibrant and adventurous woman who crossed the pond over 10 years ago to chase her dreams of becoming a graphic designer at London College of Communications. Her creative flair has always shone through her work, and even in her digital marketing career, she continues to ignite her passion for design and all things creative.

But that's not all, folks! Aminta's got some serious moves on the yoga mat too. After sustaining an injury during one of her runs, she turned to yoga for strength and flexibility, and she's never looked back. Her love for running is still strong, and she's tackled everything from 10ks to marathons, and even the 3 peak challenge in Yorkshire. Oh, and let's not forget the time she attempted to run up Snowdonia (cue the laughter). But yoga has been a game-changer for her, keeping her injury-free and helping her grow more flexible, stronger, and fearless both on and off the mat.

Now, as a certified RYT 350hr yoga instructor, Aminta brings her fun and playful American spirit to every class. Get ready to move and giggle your way through each session as she encourages you to find peace within yourself and muscles you didn't even know existed. Aminta's classes focus on mobility, rather than just flexibility, and she creates new sequences each week with specific themes to inspire and challenge you. Don't worry if you're not a headstand pro, Aminta offers variations for every pose, reminding you that no one is on the same path, and it's all about self-discovery.


Prepare to have some fun and giggles while moving your body with her fun, playful, and distinctly American teaching style.

As a graduate of the RYT 200hr Yoga teacher training at Yoga London, Aminta is honored to guide her students in discovering peace within themselves and muscles they didn't even know existed! In Aminta's classes, there is no such thing as a perfect pose or a specific end goal. Whether you can do a headstand or not, there is always something to learn, which is why Aminta brings a mindset of self-discovery, challenge, fun, and awareness to each class.

Aminta focuses more on mobility in the body rather than flexibility, and every week she creates a new sequence with a specific theme to work on different areas of the body, emotions, and muscles. So, get ready to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, strength, and flexibility! Aminta provides variations for each asana (pose) in every sequence, so if you're ever uncertain, feel free to ask her any questions during your practice. Remember, everyone's journey and body are different, so choose the options that work best for you and have fun!

Qualifications:  RYT 200hr Certified Yoga instructor, 50hr Forrest Training, 50hr Yin Teacher Training + 50hr Aerial Yoga Teaching Training + 300hr Certified Yoga instructor

First Aid - St. John's Ambulance


But that's not all there is to Aminta. Did you know she was born in Texas but grew up in Iowa, a farming state in the Midwest? She's served Prince Philip at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show and even founded Colour Yoga™ in 2018. And let's not forget her love for excel sheets and Yorkshire puddings! 

  • She graduated University with a 1st in Graphic Design and did her Post-Grad in Data-Driven Marketing aka she loves an excel sheet!
  • She's a dog mom to Dave
  • She was featured on the BBC for Beer Yoga & Colour Yoga™
  • She loves yorkshire puddings
  • She has ran 4 marathons, 10 half marathons and one time attempted to run up Snowdonia (haha)

So, come join Aminta on the mat, and who knows, maybe you'll discover something new about yourself too!



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