Lucy Rowland


Lucy wants to empower you to feel, move, breathe and tune in to your mind and body through the practice of Yoga, movement, mindfulness and breath. 

Yoga With Lucy Rowland At WEDOYOGA Studio


Lucy grew up in Meppershall (near Shefford) and after nearly 9 years in London, moved back to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life than the city (and some fresh air!)

Lucy danced from a small age, and went on to study contemporary dance at the University of Lincoln. Here she was was first exposed to yoga through her tutors, where it was used for strength and flexibility training. Post-university, she worked freelance, performing and teaching dance, in and around Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. In 2013 she moved to London to work in marketing, but Yoga remained constant, providing an oasis of calm in the midst of city life, as well as a space to keep exploring movement. Through this, she learnt just how powerful Yoga is for stress reduction, mindfulness, and general physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Lucy uses the tool of yoga (in its many forms), to keep focused, grounded, mindful,  stay connected to herself, and find some calm in the mania of day-to-day life. Lucy’s classes are rooted in Vinyasa, but you can also expect influences of her movement training within, providing an anatomical perspective and finding space, fluidity, empowering you to adapt the practice so it feels good for you. Everyone and every body is welcome in Lucy’s classes, and she aims to help you feel refreshed, nourished and free from tension. Lucy likes to move through the class creatively and mindfully, offering many options, so you find the right variation of asana that suits your body in that moment, getting you to really tune into your body and energy. 

Qualifications: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa, 30hrs Yoga Nidra, 50hrs Children’s Yoga, 30hrs Yin, 10hrs Anatomy, 50hrs in Teaching Techniques, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation, Bodywork & Reiki. 


  • Lucy can tap dance.
  • A Scorpio … (triple Scorpio!): Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon and Libra Rising.
  • In her teens, she played Scrum Half for Ampthill Girls. She's a rugby girl at heart!
  • Lucy loves coffee.
  • Lucy would always rather be outside than in, and loves hiking, being in the mountains, or by the sea.


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