Liv Haskey


Liv is a full time yoga teacher around the Hertfordshire area. She loves to offer her students classes which allow them to grow their confidence, both physical and mental, within themselves. With lots of emphasis on finding what feels good for the individual and connecting to their own intuition. 


Liv is originally from a small village in the Peak District. She moved to London at 18 where she studied womenswear fashion design at the London College Of Fashion. She became a print designer and worked within the industry for multiple womenswear brands for 10 years.

Liv has been practicing yoga since she was 21, she attended her first class as a way to exercise and wind down from her stressful day to day job. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 28 years old, Liv’s yoga practice became more to her than a physical connection. She brought yoga into her daily routine, practicing breathwork, meditation and movement as a way to help manage the physical and more importantly for her, her mental symptoms of her condition. After a course of therapy for her mental health, she decided that she wanted to become a yoga teacher so that she could share her passion for the practice with others, encouraging them to build and nurture their own confidence and resilience through the practice. She still designs prints for womenswear clothing as a freelance based role alongside her teaching.


Liv Haskey - Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA Studio


Liv teaches mostly energising, strong and playful classes at WEDOYOGA but also loves teaching gentle flows, Yin yoga and yoga Nidra allowing students to be able to feel relaxed and safe. Liv’s classes will always have a philosophical or physical theme, sharing some of yoga's roots with mantras, mudras, short readings and breathwork exercises to offer more than just a physical practice.

Her favourite type of practice is anything that allows her to connect back to herself through breath-work and movement. Mindful, intuitive movement and moving in a meditative way is Liv’s preferred way to practice. She loves to bring this style into her own classes, allowing students to really feel into their bodies and choose an option that suits them best on that day in that practice, in their own bodies.

Qualifications: RYT 200hr, 30 hr Mandala Vinyasa Teacher Training, 30hr Yin Teacher, training in Yoga Nidra for Mental health



  • Liv was brought up in the Peak District in a famous village called Eyam, which is known for the plague
  • She plays the violin to grade 8 distinction and travelled around europe playing concerts with the
  • Peak District national Orchestra
  • Liv loves animation films - Disney, Pixar, Anime, the lot!
  • She has 2 old rescue cats
  • Liv was a fashion print designer for various brands based in London for 10 years
  • She is vegan and loves animals
  • Liv is a house plant hoarder


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