Lauren O'Donovan


Lauren is a local full time yoga teacher living just outside of Letchworth, who enjoys teaching fun, themed yoga classes with meditation added in too!

Yoga Teacher Lauren O'Donovan At WEDOYOGA Studio

Lauren left her job of 10 years in accounting to pursue her dream of helping others through yoga, nutritional therapy and sound healing! She spent a lot of time in Ireland with her family growing up which led her to absolutely love the sea, spending time in nature and loves every animal she comes across. Her favourite things to boost her mood is to sing in the car, dance in front of the mirror and of course – yoga!

Lauren first found yoga on a surfing retreat in Bali, at first she appreciated the physical aspect of the practice, enjoying how it supported her training in obstacle course racing, but in 2018 she found her true connection with the practice. When she lost someone close to her, yoga became her only source of peace, it helped her to sleep, and find some quiet in her mind. All of this led to her slowing things down, working to reduce other stressors in life, and opened up the path to her teacher training!

Along with yoga, her passion is supporting other women with their health and hormones through nutritional therapy, and more recently sharing the healing properties of sound therapy through her crystal singing bowl sound baths!


Lauren’s style of teaching is fun, friendly and creative, welcoming every person who walks through the door, there will be something for everyone!

Lauren completed her RYT 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Fringe Yoga in 2019, her main drive is to be able to help her students to find some kind of peace and release during her classes. What she loves about the practice is how the outside world and our busy thoughts tend to fall away whilst we’re on the mat, immersing ourselves fully into the flow and enjoying what the practice brings. She has been that person that cannot touch their toes feeling silly at the back of a yoga class despite being very active and enjoying sport, because of this she loves to show people that this is not the definition of yoga!

Lauren’s classes are a mix of energizing and playful, with some sequences being strong and sweaty, whilst others are more gentle and restorative. Most of all – she loves a long savasana! She works through a different theme each week, sometimes incorporating the different elements (earth, water, fire and air) and chakras. Weaving in yogic philosophy and meditation into her classes, she believes that by mindfully linking movement to the breath we can find more freedom in our lives.

Qualifications:  RYT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training, 24hr Women’s Health Yoga Training, 50hr Yin Teacher Training (ongoing).


  • Lauren’s proudest moment was raising £20,000 for the KSS Air Ambulance Service.

  • She loves crystals and they are littered all over her house.

  • Her go to TV shows are anything with dry humour e.g. US Office, Parks and Recreation and New Girl.

  • When she was younger her biggest dream was to become a Vet! Now she is just a very enthusiastic dog owner.

  • Her most prized possession is her book collection.

  • She spent 3 years competing in mud runs e.g Tough Mudder, Spartan, Nuclear Races.

  • If she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life it would be chocolate!

  • She loves watching rugby (but only when Ireland are playing!)


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