Danielle Dulley


Danielle is a newbie yoga teacher with a passion for spirituality and movement. She loves teaching classes that incorporate a flowing range of movement throughout the entire body, whilst also engaging the mind to focus on the core values of Yoga.

Danielle Dulley Yoga Teacher At WEDOYOGA


Danielle is a Letchworth girl born and bred but is a big dreamer when it comes to travel. She has travelled all over the world – and happened to get stuck in Australia at the beginning of the COVID outbreak (there’s worse places to be stuck, right!?) but plans to return to her travels when possible.

Danielle found yoga when suffering from an unexpected bout of anxiety and believes yoga helped her get back in touch with her inner self to source and fix the cause. This ultimately led her to want to help others, and what better way to do that than through the movement and mindfulness that Yoga offers.

Danielle is often described as bubbly and outgoing, she’s a people-lover and couldn’t stand working behind a computer all day. She is extremely sensitive but strong and her philosophy is “Head in the clouds, feet on the yoga mat”.


Danielle’s teaching style is fun, relaxed and free-flowing. She likes to emphasise the importance of remembering that all our bodies are different, even day-to-day, and tries to encourage patience with yourself in each class. For Danielle, Yoga is about taking time out from the craziness of modern life and thanking the mind and body for all that it does. Yoga isn’t a work-out but a work-in and inner peace is at the heart of her teaching.

As a recently qualified yoga teacher, Danielle is finding her feet with teaching and enjoying every step of the way. What she loves about Yoga the most is the endless journey and she can’t wait to challenge herself with new postures and styles!

Danielle’s favourite Yogi quote is: “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

Qualifications: RYT 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training



  • Danielle has a Pomchi called Poppy, who she treats like her baby!
  • She dreams of living somewhere warm by the sea
  • Danielle is qualified in Event Planning, in particular, Weddings
  • Her first word was Window
  • Her last meal would be a veggie roast dinner... or just a big plate of fried cheese!

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